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New Jukebox Screen Saver

I have wanted for a couple of years to find a graphics artist that could draw the inside of a juke and animate it into a screen saver. Well I finally found Steve Paradis on The Future Pinball Forum and asked him if he would be interested in doing this project for me. Steve really took this project and made it reality. I want to share it with the jukebox community and give Special Thanks to Steve! THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!



Here is a free download: JukeBoxSaver.scr Place this in your Windows/Win32 folder

See Steve Paradis for your graphics needs! Click Here: Steve's Email

Hello and Welcome to my site!                                     

 This site is projects that I like to do and have done. My digital Jukebox project may be something like or dislike. If you don't understand the Art Deco Period than you may not understand where I am coming from with this design. Google Art Deco and understand the period, it is really cool and there has been some very noticeable buildings, art etc. that has come from the period. I designed the jukebox after the very early ones with a touch of old radio design with Art Deco and Retro Flare. Included is a complete computer system with cd rom/burner and dvd rom, card reader and hidden keyboard. The lighting is all l.e.d. lighting made especially for the project. The sound is a full sound system with 3 way speaker system with crossovers and commercial amp. The sound is amazing, better than I ever hoped for. A lot of what you see here took making patterns and jigs so I could get the results you see, for example I had to make a jig for the router so I could make the trim that holds the white plastic in place on each column for the lights. The lights in the columns were custom built and we had to use a mill to machine the parts. My brother Dave helped a lot with the project and making some of the custom trim, installing mirror and making the parts for the light grids. A lot of time has gone into this project and I am still changing and adding some lighting that I never got done with. I am also in the process of soon adding a bigger lcd flat screen that is a 20" wide screen to make it easier to see album covers and song titles. In the process I will have to change the deco bezel around the screen now. I am in the thought process of deciding on some designs to give the Jukebox a extra pop with some lighting in the new bezel. I am also getting rid of the remote sensor since now I use a RF Remote for controlling a lot of functions with the from anywhere in the house.

I am current working on a couple of other projects.

 (1). 1962 Wurlitzer model 2610 Jukebox that plays 45's and compact 33 rpm records.

 (2). 1973 Williams Gulf Stream Pinball Machine(no pics yet)

I will be starting on these when I get some other little projects done on the Art Deco Jukebox. I am putting lights in where the button panel is and changing the rope light out to led strips in the bottom. By making my own strips and not using the rope light makes it easier for servicing.

Checkout the current projects page for the progress on these projects!

Still in the process of updating this page!